Got a surprising amount of stuff done, considering I didn’t really leave the couch.  I did have to get groceries, so my mom helped me with that (also some treats for Ryan’s birthday).  But I paid a medical bill (not the huge one), filled out a questionnaire for the hospital to get financial counseling, filled out the birth registry info except for Ryan’s part and looked up our deductible to understand it better.

We thought we’d already met it since I got pregnant in February and had already done some appointments by April, which as it turns out is the start of our insurance year.  Why can’t they just start at the beginning of the year?  So confusing.  But we’re nearing our family deductible so I think things will be OK after the next appointment or two, and that should mean that the birth itself, whenever and however it happens, will be covered.  I’ll check in on that with the counselor, though.

I also got set up with our insurance’s website to find out info a little easier, and to check on claims, referrals and prescriptions.  They also had a little questionnaire about maternity to fill out, to get info on either healthy pregnancies or high risk pregnancies, so I took care of that, too!  Busy little bee, right!?

The to-do list still has some stuff left on it, but two out of three of them I’d need help with (wash kitchen floor and take Zoso to get his nails done).  Maybe I can convince Ryan to go to Petsmart for that so I can stop into the Dollar Shop for party supplies…  The third thing is plant the two persimmon trees that are growing on our window sill in some mugs right now… but I may need help getting the pots down from the shelf in the garage.

The week is off to a good start!  It’s just Monday and I’ve got a lot of my stuff done!  Oh, I also checked on my appointment, since they wrote down the wrong date, but that was’t a big deal.  And last night I took a bunch of pictures for my Etsy store, so I’ll be working on that during the week, too.  Bedrest can be boring, but you can always find something to do that doesn’t involve any kind of exercise, and minimal amounts of gravity, haha.